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DSB FUNdraiser Update

We shut down our Apparel orders about 2 weeks ago. We got the items ordered and have the screen printer doing the prep and making the order this week. We should be shipping everything out by the end of this week and beginning of next!

We have left the FUNdraiser open for everyone to still have access to the items we have left. We have changed the prices on a few things, added more stickers to our sticker packs. And we will have a small number of apparel items that will be for sale that we have either printed ourselves or had left over from this and previous FUNdraisers!

We have a very limited supply as this past FUNdraiser only sold 11 orders between shirts, hoodies and tank tops, so they cost us much more than Continue reading DSB FUNdraiser Update

Jack-o-lantern eating our Art!

DSB jumps right in w/ FAFATL – Atlanta’s Free Art Movement

DSB has been doing more and more with the Free Art Movement in Atl!!

The Free Art Movement (or Free Art Friday (FAF) ) has been very popular in various cities around the US and the world!  The Free Art Movement really aligns with the principles we align our group with (the 10 Burning Man Principles).  From Radical Self Expression,  Radical Inclusion, Decommodification, Civic Responsibility and Communal Effort to Gifting, Participation, Leave no Trace and Immediacy. You can see the Free Art Friday is a movement that is growing quickly!!  Atlanta started out doing FAFATL a few years ago, with just a few Artists, but has now gotten to where you can find folks dropping free Art almost any day of the week, though not every day.  It just depends on the Artists schedule, really.  Plus there must be 100 Artists if not more.  Not all of them drop on a regular basis, and others drop Art as soon as they have it made and can find a place to hide it and post a pic on IG or Twitter to create the scavenger hunt that is FAFATL!

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