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DSB, Outside the Burns

DSB was recently asked by Transformus about what they do, outside the Burn!!!  Needless to say, we were happy to answer!

DSB was founded in 06 and has grown from a small camp, to a village, to a movement all its own.  We looked around and said we were all a bunch of Dirty Southern Burners… and it stuck!  Phyrebolt and Chw started growing DSB into what it is today.  In Atlanta, we have been very active since we started the Dirty Southern Burners camp/movement/way of life.   We have been hosting Meet-n-Greets (MnG’s) in the Atl area since 05.  We, and a small group of friends, started the Atlanta SantaCon event, which now draws around 1000 people and raises money Continue reading DSB, Outside the Burns

Quote from Ra$pa about the DSB Movement

“I want to also thank the Dirty Southern Burners, who are one of the first groups who self identify across city & state lines. So we really, watching what you guys did, began to get us thinking about what is a Region, is it a city & state? You guys broadened the perspective. So I want to thank you for that, you got us thinking in new ways about what does it mean? And it’s particularly interesting now, is that people are working across international boundaries now, what does it mean now?” ~ $teven Ra$pa, Burning Man Regional Network Committee Continue reading Quote from Ra$pa about the DSB Movement