DSB FUNdraiser is LIVE!!!

Have you been wanting to get some DSB gear?  Do you already have some and just want to add to your collection?  NOW IS YOUR TIME!!!  The link is on the menu above!!!

Our online FUNdraiser is open!  Below is a post introducing it and thanking those involved in helping make it happen ~

DSB would like to thank everyone involved in putting together this FUNdraiser that has just launched this week. We are finally getting everything finalized and will probably have a few more items coming down the line, but we will let you know when/if that happens! First off, thank you to Tim (NotBob) for helping put together the cart system and for the 3D printed products. Phyrebolt and “Shiny Chany” for their help, EVEREMAN for allowing us to do some collaborations to help support his ART as well, Charlie Smith for always being there for DSB and letting us do some of our own screen printing, Little Spoon for helping us with the awesome laser cut pendants, Jen (my girl)- for helping with the screen printing (that we did), and for always being there helping out no matter what! Love you Jen!!

The last FUNdraiser we did, was basically only shirts and stickers… well this year we expanded on that and added a number of products you can get! Most of our shirts/tanks/hoodies this year will be like last year, with the small flame logo on the front and a big full logo on the back. We do have to make a min order, so we have to hit that amount of orders before we can get them printed and shipped. We will be keeping this open for the rest of the year (more than likely) as opening it in the middle of Burn season is not the best of timing! But, we would love to get an order of Apparel out ASAP and then do another run in the fall, if all works out! If you don’t order any Apparel then your product will be shipped ASAP. We will also have a small number of shirts available for sale that will only have printing on the back (or possibly the front too) that were made by the help of Charlie Smith and the Atlanta Print Makers who let us make a screen to use for printing and Charlie’s printing equipment! Those will be on the site soon and will be ready to ship, but there are only a few of them available. They will be single listings and will state in the listing, that they are ready to ship w/ a picture of how they turned out. Those shirts were printed by Jen and Chw at DSBHQ!!

If you did not know already, our last FUNdraiser allowed us to build our sign at Sparseland Studio’s, w/ Charlie Smith’s help!! It also got our first run of stickers among other things. But all profits were used for the stickers, sign materials and accessories. We thank Charlie for his help in making that happen, as w/o him, we would not have the sign we have today!!! Check out his site at www.sparseland.com and current kickstarter  for his Burning Man Art Project at www.kck.st/SR0hpG

So come get some stuff, yall! We have lots to choose from and ready to get you hooked up with some great stuff! You can see on the front page of the shop, where all the money is going towards. At this point, we have most of the stuff paid off, other than shirt orders and the 3D printed materials, so we need to get DSB out of the hole with all that has been invested so far! But, as you will see in the listing, We even have products that are helping other ART projects outside of DSB, with such Artists as EVEREMAN – who is currently working on a SE tour for FREE ART – check out his site atwww.evereman.com!

Hope you all enjoy and those that have been asking about how to get your hands on Apparel and represent, HERE WE GO!! ROCK ON!

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