DSB, Outside the Burns

DSB was recently asked by Transformus about what they do, outside the Burn!!!  Needless to say, we were happy to answer!

DSB was founded in 06 and has grown from a small camp, to a village, to a movement all its own.  We looked around and said we were all a bunch of Dirty Southern Burners… and it stuck!  Phyrebolt and Chw started growing DSB into what it is today.  In Atlanta, we have been very active since we started the Dirty Southern Burners camp/movement/way of life.   We have been hosting Meet-n-Greets (MnG’s) in the Atl area since 05.  We, and a small group of friends, started the Atlanta SantaCon event, which now draws around 1000 people and raises money for charity via our Partnership with BWBGA (Burners w/o Borders GA).   In 2012, when Chw became one of the GA Burning Man RC’s, he and a fellow GA RC (and DSB’er), Jim Taflinger,  started to gather like-minded people and working on civic projects around GA and called out to the community and started BWBGA.  It was decided to use DSB’s Atl SantaCon as its first way to make money for local non-profits in our area and build a network between these groups, and work together to help out where we can.  Since our 2012 SantaCon event, we have raise over $3000 (from local bars / establishments, not the pARTicipant), at least 2 full car loads of canned food, at least a full car load of Cat/Dog food for an Animal Shelter as well as a countless number of Toys for Tots donations since we became officially a part of BWBGA!  We also help out on Volunteer days and have hosted a few meetings at our MnG’s.  We usually collect jackets and stuff in the winter and hygiene stuff in the summer to give to homeless shelters we work with.  We have been able to help out a couple of Animal Shelters, a group that goes into homeless shelters and teaches kids about Art called drawchange and an awesome group called Lost-n-Found Youth, which is the only LGBT Teen homeless shelter in Atlanta!  You can see more info about BWBGA at www.bwbga.org


DSB has also been very active in the past year with the Free Art Friday movement in Atlanta!  We started off doing some collaborations with local Artist and friend, EVEREMAN!  We brought some of these to Transformus in 2014, and put them out for folks to find.  We have been spreading Free Art across Atlanta and the state of GA for over a year now!  We have recently brought this into Charlotte, with the SE Regional Roundtable, just this month!  At the Roundtable, we did a small talk about the Free Art Movement and then ran workshops all day with precut wood that one of our members donated and we prepped before going to the event.  Our goal was to share this experience with others and show them how much fun this can be in your own town!  You may not even know it is already starting to build in your town!


The Free Art Movement has been going on officially for a few years here in Atl and we have a very large number of Artists, of all ages and types of Art and experience level of Art!  If you are on Instagram or Twitter, you can look up the hashtag #FAFATL to see some of what we have down here!  You can also see some of the events that FAFATL does for the community at www.fafatl.com .  If you want to see if your city has it, check out www.faf.com .    In Atlanta, we have a large amount of Artists that drop Art on what used to be only Fridays, is now happening any day of the week.  If you find yourself in a cool location, you drop a piece of Art and snap a picture that might help the  person looking for it, to grab it. It makes for a fun scavenger hunt type finding process!  Others just happen upon it…   We have tended to hide our Art near and around Graffiti in the city we have found, or large murals that were done by another project called Living Walls Atl that painted up tons of underpasses in the city over the past few years!  We also find places that show off a nice view or if a local event is going on, we will put Art out to support what is happening and try to get others to come out!  It is a great gifting experience and to bring it to the city, year round, has been awesome!


We are actually almost finished with a collaboration piece now with 30 FAFATL Artists!  It is a large, mixed media canvas piece that we will be making prints of and selling to the public to raise money for one of our BWBGA Partners, drawchange.org , who help out homeless kids in shelters to express themselves through Art!  So we have started to mix our Burning Man principles into everyday life, as much as possible and share them with groups of all types!  We have helped to build the gifting experience, year round!  We also work with other cities to help spread this experience!  We have even had Art drop in a few different countries and have a few more lined up in the coming months!  And we will continue to do this, for many many years!


We have been a part of Art projects (public, Regional Events and a few that went to the Playa), almost all of our members play or have played major roles in GSD (Gettin shit done) inside the Burn Community, hands on community projects, gathering like-minded folks and educating folks going to Burn events for years!  Our family consists of many of you, either through one of the many villages we have had, or events we have done and many of the Regional Contacts across the SE call themselves Dirty Southern Burners!!!


If you would like to talk more about either of these projects, or anything that DSB is a part of, feel free to reach out!  www.dirtysouthernburners.com  Come join us at our camp at the next event you see us at!  Phyrebolt runs our camp at most of the NC events and Chw does most of the Atlanta, year round stuff.



Blow are some of the pics of the Art we have been dropping around ATL and where we have hidden Art before.  You can follow @DSBHQ on Instagram and look under tagged pics or follow @chwdog for Free Art Drops and other stuff going on in Atl on Instagram or Twitter!



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