Evereman & DSB Collaborations at Transformus!

Hey everyone! Hope all are getting prepared and getting ready to pARTicipate!! Before every gets out on the Mtn, I wanted to let you know about a little Art Collaboration we (DSB) have with EVEREMAN from Atlanta, that we are bringing to Transformus! You can find his TEDxPeachtree talk on his website (www.evereman.com), but this awesome friend has been giving out free Art in Atlanta for over a decade!!! He has been awesome enough to let DSB do this collab to bring some of his free Art to you, in Mysteria!!

In Atlanta, we have had for the past couple of years, something called Free Art Friday or FAFATL…This is starting to pop up all over the place and is a great city-wide scavenger hunt! Google it and you can see the site, and learn more! At this point, it is not even on the first Friday anymore, its throughout the month and a lot of times, has a theme of some sort! DSB has started doing some Art Drops with some of our Art and Jen and I have been working on some other things together as well!! It is a Twitter based scavenger hunt (using #FAFATL), basically. So since there is no service on the Mtn, we are just going to be putting them in random places, and if you see one grab it! On the back, you will see, it says “4U”!!!

EVEREMAN has taken his Art on the road!! He went up to Detroit where they now have many artists doing “Art drops” through out the month! He has also more recently taken is Workshops to Chattanooga! I know they did enjoy a day of Free Art, but not sure how much the concept stuck… but we will see what they start doing!

The reason I bring this up, is that we will be helping EVEREMAN bring his workshops and Art Drop events to some cities across the SE over the next year or two!! If you have a Burner friendly shop or area that could host, your city could be possibly added to this list! I know he had to run a Kickstarter to even make it up to Chattanooga as well as Detroit, but he also was building a large fire cauldron that he and Charlie Smith made, that is AWESOME!!!! More info on that at www.sparseland.com/evereman

He has taken his Art to Burning Man, Burning Flipside and most recently got an Art grant at Alchemy (in 2012) and built a 10’x10’x2′ EVEREMAN to burn, and we burnt it Friday night! Link to that video is – http://youtu.be/qc7XLEx5-D0 . This guy was practicing most of our principles before he was even involved with any Burning Man Events!! He is a true friend and wishes he could attend this year, so he sends his Art to make up for not being able to make it!! We are just lucky enough to be the ones who used his stencil and painted these and will be putting them out for those of you to find!!

We ask that you take a picture of yourself w/ the Art you find, so we can do some sort of album for him for letting us share his Art with you! You can tag me or Dirty Southern Burners and I will make sure it gets added to the group! You can take it at the event and once you bring it home! Let us know how far it got!!

Also, we ask that if you happen to run across a second one, to let someone else find it!! There are very few of these and we want them to go to those who really feel the connection and/or needs them… so feel free to enjoy yours and pass it along to someone if you feel up to it! You don’t have to, but its the spirit of the project! We have just over 30… so no, not everyone will get one, but we also have the EVEREMAN/DSB Pendants that will be “Hanging Around” as well! So if you see one in a place that looks to be left, its yours!!

If you like the pendants enough, you can still purchase them in our DSB FUNdraiser!! Half of proceeds will be going towards the EVEREMAN Art Project!! Link to his pendant is – http://bit.ly/1lq6D5L but you will def want to look around the shop and check out all the AWESOME stuff we have during this FUNdraiser!!! We have a huge variety of things you can order and represent DSB, cause you know, we are all a bunch of Dirty Southern Burners anyway… I don’t care where you are from!! We are International Bitches!!!




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