DSB Art Sale FUNdraiser

Invited to speak at the Burning Man GLC!

Chw from DSB has been invited to speak at the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference this April in SF!  He will be talking about FAFATL – the Free Art Friday Art Movement / Gifted Art Movement here in Atlanta!    He will be working with a number of Artists around ATL to provide a large number of Art pieces to take with him to BMHQ and to be gifted at the event!

Chw, and many others, have been active in this movement here in Atlanta and we look forward to sharing our experiences and share them with Burning Man Leaders from around the globe!!!

We are also getting our Art Sale kicked off.  You can visit our Big Cartel Store, by clicking here, or following the link above in our menu.  We are going to be adding things as we go, but we will let you know as more things become available!  All items are handmade and each different type of thing will be sold via the person who makes it, so you know who made your Art as well as they will handle the transaction and then giving the proceeds to us to help keep DSB, doin what we do best, which is helping our community!

Our Art Sale/FUNdraiser will be helping to keep this site live as well as getting our sign all nice & cleaned up and finished.  It will also help off set the costs of our last FUNdraiser, that ending up costing more than we made.   If we are able to, we will be re-working the lighting and flame effects in the sign to help make it a much more reliable system (and we will not be lighting it on fire again until this is complete!!)  Safety first folks!!!  We all know the joke about where it ranks… but it is always #1 in our eyes!!


We also added a “Donate” button as you can see to our sidebar for those who feel that they just want to help out!

We look forward to reporting back after we do the talk at the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference!!!  We will let everyone know how it goes!!  We hope that some of the pARTicipants that we talk to are able to go back to their local communities and start something similar!!!  We are excited for this opportunity!!

Thank you for your time in reading this and if you can help keep DSB’s site alive and just a few of our projects going, we will continue to provide the community with as much support as we can muster out!!!

If you are interested in helping out with any of our Projects we have going on, whether it is the Art stuff or BWBGA related, please contact us via our contact form!!


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